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This is an image from a job the company took before we left for Africa. I once had someone give me the advice: “if you really want to learn how to be good at lighting in all situations. Try lighting a black bowling ball on a reflective surface.”

It’s true, it’s difficult and teaches you all the angles, leaves you no room for failure or minor mistakes. We however uncovered another good teaching tool through experience.

Try lighting a glass bowl on a black backdrop, with carvings on the bottom that need to be visible.

Shockingly simple: take a picture of a bowl. Fast forward three hours later to a broken glass bowl.

[just kidding, totally in tact]

Ashley tabletop

Photo by: Edwin Remsberg

Like most jobs, the back-end work takes up the majority of our time. For every hour we spend shooting, there are hours more spent uploading, applying metadata, processing, exporting, and essentially not moving until we realize we haven’t eaten in 12 hours.

The Reality:

What people think of when they imagine a photography career:

Maybe 20% of how time is spent.Sani Pass, LesothoThe part that people don’t imagine.

60% [Not that this is a bad place to set up shop for a couple hours] Lesotho, Africa