Edwin Remsberg

Edwin’s career as a photographer started at a young age through his connection to the agricultural community in Maryland. His first projects were with 4-H, the national agricultural youth organization, who allowed him to expand his family’s generational roots in agriculture and apply them to a new discipline. This unique combination of familiarity to his subjects and experience as a photographer eventually grew into a market few could rival. Edwins utilization of the camera as a means to communicate with the world lead him through a rich and varied photography career, as diverse as his skillsets. From sports, to fine art, and even combat photography, Edwin learned how to use what he’d been given and what he has with him to say exactly what he means to. He has become a storyteller with his imagery, and keeps the themes and relationships he’s picked up along the way to be the photographer, the photojournalist, and the artist he has developed into.

Today Remsberg’s work includes high production commercial photography, documentary , event coverage  and fine-art photographic series. He has co-authored several books, including, Dishing Up Maryland with Lucie Snodgrass, Maryland’s Vanishing Lives with John Sherwood, Outdoor Sculpture in Baltimore: A Historical Guide to Public Art in the Monumental City with Cindy Kelly and more. He has had a number of fine art installations including Maryland Masters: Edwin Remsberg’s Portraits of Maryland Traditions at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art and Maryland State Arts Council, Diapotheque, a contemporary series represented by Jordan Faye Contemporary in several international contemporary art fairs. Remsberg’s images continue to exist and develop in these various realms: commercial, documentary, lifestyle and exhibited fine art works, and his inspiration remains in the creation of images that celebrate Maryland.

Hannah Smith


Hannah has a talent for making any task given to her appear effortless; from the elegant simplicity of her images, to the ease in her mannerisms, she is the rose to our thorns. Truly graceful in a crisis, even while handling innumerable other tasks she makes us all look more polished and keeps the communication open and our relationships with clients informed and transparent. Check out her work here: Hannahmink.com

Kady Dulny


Kady is the secret to our accuracy and language. With the innumerable images we have coming in, applying the metadata is no small task, and she handles the job beautifully. A talented writer, she often takes the pen in hand (literally) to say for us what we meant to all along. We leave the thoughtful and tedious work to her, and when given the chance she puts her photography skills to good use shooting adventure sports and hobbies. Here is some of her work:  Kathryndulny.com

Visit our website at remsberg.com and follow us on Facebook , twitter and instagram

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