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Like most jobs, the back-end work takes up the majority of our time. For every hour we spend shooting, there are hours more spent uploading, applying metadata, processing, exporting, and essentially not moving until we realize we haven’t eaten in 12 hours.

The Reality:

What people think of when they imagine a photography career:

Maybe 20% of how time is spent.Sani Pass, LesothoThe part that people don’t imagine.

60% [Not that this is a bad place to set up shop for a couple hours] Lesotho, Africa

Sometimes the perfect shot is as easy as walking up and asking to take a photo. Being a photographer gives you this strange superpower; you always have a reason to be overly involved and overly curious.

Lesotho, Africa

All photos taken in a small mountainous village in Lesotho, Photo by: Edwin Remsberg

Sometimes the reward is in the photo itself and what you’ve made permanent.


Photo by: Kady Dulny

Sometimes the reward is the person you get to meet that you otherwise wouldn’t have had a reason to approach.


Photo by: Kady Dulny

Sometimes the reward is in the moment after, when they get to look at a permanent impression of their face. I [Kady] had a photo teacher tell me once that every photo you are able to take is a gift from the person allowing you to; so never take a photo, but give a moment.

Lesotho, Africa

Photo by: Edwin Remsberg

Hlane Royal Game Preserve, Swaziland, Africa - Big Game Territory

A national event being started in Durban, South Africa where residents run from a hotel in town, up to the top of Rhino Peak, in hopes to raise funds and positive attention towards rhino’s, and not just their unfortunate plight of constant poaching.

Soon enough the founder hopes for it to become a practice world-wide.