Once in A…

Moon over Schoodic Peninsula - Acadia National Park, MaineA few days ago we celebrated a Blue Moon on July 31. No, the moon is not actually blue, never has been in relation to this phenomenon [which by definition simply means that there are two full moons within the same month]. The only times the moon has been seen blue in the sky was after a major volcanic eruption. The ash in the sky can cause a discoloration of the white moon beams for years in certain areas. The only place in the U.S. to experience this is near Mt. Saint Helens. So while a Blue Moon isn’t technically any different from any other full moon, it’s infrequency of occurrence strikes rumors and theories about its meaning. The simplest of which is that it is a party moon, and sadly we won’t be seeing another summer-time party moon until August of 2023.

Mark your calendars.



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